General FAQ 

What primary services do you offer?

Customized Dog Training for puppies and dogs of all ages.
Service Dog Coaching for Owner Trainers.
Dog Walking.
Board and Train for Basic or Off-leash Obedience.

What do you specialize in?

Service Dogs.
PTSD, POTS, Autism, Light Mobility, Migraine Alert or In-Home Assistance.

Is this training right for my dog?

Feel free to check out our photos and videos or send us a message to inquire about our training and how we only work with HAPPY dogs.

Our methods are always LIMA, Force-free and Fear-free. 

What type of warranty do you provide (on custom work)?

All dogs who train have lifetime support and free lessons upon completion of their initial training. 

Any tools or gear included with the dog's program is guaranteed in quality and safety and if there are any issues Lyrically Sound will replace/upgrade the gear free of charge.  

For Service Dogs in Training, upon conclusion of in-person work - dogs are scheduled  for a Quarterly check-in to ensure the Team is working at their best. 

If the handler has a progressive health condition or their dog is slow to task - we provide any training necessary at low or no charge given the dog's prior training with us.

How is payment collected?

Payment is due in full at the time of in-person appointment. 

No show/late pick-up or drop-off is subject to a half-day fee. 

We accept Cash/Check, Venmo and ApplePay. Digital payment is subject to sales tax.

Service Dog FAQ 

What types of Service Dogs do you train?

We train medical alert dogs and task train dogs for assistance tasks and behavior interruptions.

When discussing your lifestyle and needs/limitations we go over which tasks and in what order we will train them.

All Service Dogs in Board and Training or through Private Coaching have a prerequisite of Basic Obedience training and undergo CGC style testing, (temperament and manners), before being cleared to start Public Access Training.

*We do NOT yet train Guiding Eye Dogs.

Do I qualify for a Service Animal?

If you are legally disabled or have an illness that effects your quality of daily living, you very well may be eligible to have a Service Animal. 

This a conversation you'd want to have with your primary care doctor as well as any specialized doctors in your treatment team.

What are my options for Service Dog Training?

After selecting a prospect, your options are Private Coaching or Board and Training. 

Both include a custom plan that is discussed with anyone who lives with the dog and who may handle/be involved with their care.

How long does it take to train a Service Dog?

A "fully" trained Service Animal has a minimum of 18 months training.

It would be wrong to say the dog is ever done training and will require either a handler who is willing to keep training a part of their lifestyle or a quarterly check in with us.

Upon evaluation, we can give you a more accurate estimate of the length of program. 
Average Off-Leash board and training is around 5 weeks. Service Dogs are generally 8-12 weeks in Board and Training or approximately 9 months of Coaching.

How will I know if the dog will task/alert for me?

Throughout all stages of training we replicate real life situations with and without the individual whom the dog is being trained for. 
With any program, we offer as many pre-placement visits and lessons as necessary for each team.

What tasks or alerts are right for me?

Good Question! 

If you have had a previous Service Animal or know what area of your daily life could be improved with a Service Animal this is a great start. 

Examples of Tasks: 

- Retrieve Medication/Household items 

- Close/Open Doors 

- Deep Pressure Therapy 

- Bracing (for mobility) 

- Body Blocking 

- Call 911 

- Alert/Get Help 

Examples of Common Medical Alerts: 

- Migraine Alert 

- Fainting Alert 

- Blood Pressure Alert 

- Seizure Alert 

Check back soon as we will cover common tasks that different teams and breeds of dogs commonly use in our Blog Section.