Lyrically Sound specializes in creating custom training programs for prospective service dogs and Medical alert k9 


There is nothing more treasured than the connection we have with our dogs and whether it be a family dog or a life-saving animal companion we are honored to be a part of your journey. 

We prioritize a cultivating a healthy respect and relationship with each dog to builds trust and allow for you to strategically reach your desired results. We use a wide variety of balanced training methods and are open to anything necessary to enrich the dog/handler bond. 

During training, we discuss each step so that everyone understands and feels comfortable with what their dog is learning and offer whatever tools or resources you feel best working with.

- Lyrically Sound is located in Upper Hudson Valley NY. 
- We service clients anywhere in New York and New England. 
- We have over ten years of experience in dog and equine training programs and an extensive background in animal health and psychology. 
- We are a small team who offer services such as:
Dog Walking
Basic to Off-Leash Obedience
Task and Assistance Training
Medical Alert
Puppy Aptitude Tests
Socialization Outings
Household Management Plans